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Daily Entry 7-31-21 for 7-30 (For real)

Alright alright, it's true, but in all seriousness-

I hope your day's been alright, dear reader. Happy weekend.

It's one of those crisp summer nights that feels like the Fall. Feels absolutely incredible.

Today was an emotional day, but thankfully, I think things have worked out alright. Dear reader, never underestimate the remarkable powers of honesty and communication.

Tomorrow (today, technically speaking), I shall embark on a wondrous journey of the mind. I won't elaborate further for legal reasons, at least for now, but needless to say, I'm extremely excited, and anticipate major creative inspiration.

Something I was just thinking about- this is actually a concept I first heard in a YouTube video or something years ago. But, basically, it's just this idea that the classic stereotypical 'gray' aliens are, in "reality," future and further evolved human (or former human) time travelers.

Think about it- some scientists speculate that, eventually, most humans will largely have one brownish skin color. Perhaps in some distant future when (if) our species branches into true exploration of space, the darkness of the void will, after a long time, turn that skin more grey.

The same logic applies to eyes. Larger pupils could allow more light to be exposed against the cones and rods in a dark environment (I think that's true, I could be wrong). Even if my scientific understanding of that is off, perhaps some other evolutionary advantage could lead to that.

I love the show 'Fringe,' it's great. I used to watch it with my family, but we never finished it for some reason. I may be wrong cuz we never really got so far when I watched, but I'm pretty sure the 'Observers' in the show are future human time travelers who've survived some anthropogenic apocalyptic destruction, and must travel back in time to do research to figure out how to save themselves.

That's pretty must the gist of the idea behind this concept, as well. A further evolved species derived from *Homo sapiens* who perhaps face a similar fate, or maybe are just curious researchers. Maybe their UFO expeditions are just average school field trips, to learn about the species of the past.

Maybe they're specifically the descendants of humans who've embarked on thousands-of-years-long voyages to distant regions of space. I feel like specifically the conditions of such a ship-inhabiting journey could lead to such changes.

Or maybe they're just descended from the first frontierspeople of distant planets. The conditions on such a planet would be very different from our home Earth, and could lead to very much change.

Hopefully you get the general idea. I'd maybe elaborate further but it's almost five in the morning and the Dawn Chorus is starting and I seriously need to fall asleep.

I hope the following time for you is well, dear reader.

Best regards,


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