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Poem #24 ~ Animal Code

24. (11-14-19, Lewiston High School) Animal Code

Received, but not responded

No chance to decipher yet

Feral, and never fond

No hope of hearing now

Rustles in a bush

Pissing in a lake

The predators rush

For the red meat’s sake

Simple and refined

Never intertwined

There’s poison in the pocket

Hidden by the blind

Glowing like an eye

The flame bounces higher

As the bird sets off to fly

It splashes in the mire

Water starts to boil

Feathers start to steam

This primitive perspective

Is bursting at the seam

Untame and unbound

Panic now surrounds

Refusal of all orders

Disregarding borders

Nature is a witness

As the crow flies

Nature is beholden

As the crow dies

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