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Some Kinda Introduction

Howdy, readers.

Welcome to my blog, thanks for being here and checking it out.

I want to be a writer, an author. I have many concepts and ideas, but when it comes to really sitting down and writing stories themselves, I falter. I don't know how to continue, and make it grow. I did some thinking, and it occurred to me that writing a blog might be a good place to start and get my writing out there into the world.

Beyond that more egoistic intent, I realized further this could be a great platform to share concepts and ideas that I think would be beneficial to be shared. And that's not to say I think my ideas are any better than anyone else's. Hell, I think more people should do things like this. Share what's on their mind, the personal ideas they have. If more people felt comfortable sharing their feelings and how their mind works, I think the world would be a far better place.

I think what I write on this blog will vary greatly. I'll probably start out with some 'essays' and creative things I've already written. Maybe I'll share some poetry, who knows? I'll be honest-- I don't know much about blogging. I'm learning as I go along, and I hope people enjoy and find something useful in what I write.

I think I'll start out with the writing that gives this blog it's name, so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon. I hope this was a decent enough intro, perhaps I'll go into more depth in the future on what exactly I want to achieve. I didn't want to make anything too broad to start out with (and I'm a little lazy today, anyway).

Thank you for checking out my site, and I hope you'll find something you enjoy.

Best regards,

Jacob Morin

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