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Some Sorta New Project - Diary Transcribing

Howdy, dearder! :)

I hope the world's been treating you as well as it can. If not, I hope things take a turn for the better.

I apologize for my absence. I'd lost my laptop charger, and characteristically, was too lazy to seriously search for it. Unsurprisingly, I discovered it today in a place I swear I'd already checked- under a pile of shit in my pig-sty of a room. Very on-brand for me.

To make up for this loss (theoretically speaking, in more of a hypothetical sense. Currently, not all too many people know about this blog), I wanna give y'all a lotta content at once to make up for lost experience, and to give new readers a wealth of writing to check out.

And so it is I'll be transcribing entries from my diary to the best of my ability into an online medium, from the personal journal I've endearingly entitled "~My Journal Diary, or, Why I Learned to Stop Worrying & Just Fuckin' Write!~"

It's currently one in the morning on the ninth of September, 2021, and I hope to get through at least the majority of the current entries, if not all.

The journal diary itself is roughly a quarter done now, so from this point forward, this 'series' on the blog and the book itself will pretty much like, coexist as two different mediums of the same thing. The journal is a bit better, because I have sketches and specific flourishes that can't be conveyed on the screen. Perhaps at some point I'll put in the work and include photos on here, but imma be honest dearder, I can make no promises.


I hope you enjoy, and maybe even find something useful from my writing! That's what I set out to accomplish.

Thank you for being here and taking the time out of your busy life under the Hell of capitalism to explore what I have to offer. It means so much to me.

Best regards,

Jacob Morin/Cosmo Aquila

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