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~Hosh & Lez, in Love~ (initially posted 08/18/2023)

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

~This document records a text I began writing in the journal with the cover of a design from the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. I acquired that journal in Bar Harbor during the two-year anniversary trip of myself & my boyfriend, to Mount Desert Island on the coast of Maine.

This is a document which will not be complete until that journal is complete, so it will be constantly updated. The whole text was begun on 08/13/2023, at around 11:30 AM. I have taken care to note when writing began on subsequent days, for chronological sake.

I will attempt to transmediate as accurately to the original spelling/grammar/syntax as possible, although I cannot promise it’ll be 100% verbatim. Of course, the entirety of the original text was written in my ‘Phonetic Modern English (Fȯnědīk Mǒdērn Ínglīš). That’s a bit too esoteric for this purpose, though.

All writing following is that which has been copied, unless otherwise noted.~

Yeof, 08/13/2023 | ~Hȯš & Lěz, īn Lǔv~

‘Hȯšēr/Lězīð ěkstēr sōþǔ dánō’. (Hosher/Lezith exter sutha danu):

“A new day from the magical powers of the Many/Self”.

“Ǔ nō dȧ früm ðė mǎĵīkül pówērz ǔv ðė Měnė/Sělf”.

This phrase is as-much a personal motto & communal blessing as it is a goal & aspiration to strive-towards.

This phrase is one, of my design, among numerous that get-at the same idea: we must strengthen ourselves as individuals & as a global human society to ensure the best conditions of life for today & tomorrow, for ourselves & our community.

I don’t pretend to claim such an idea as my-own; its prevalence throughout the world, among many cultures, is testament to its being a natural conclusion of human philosophy. So I believe, at least.

The words themselves: I made them up. They are written in no language that exists today, with no particular system of etymology or grammar (like with my self-created preferred name: Yeof).

I have woven meaning into the very being of the words: so they be.

I plan to end the primary books of the Light-Cycle with that very phrase.

I think it’s a nice & total encapsulation of my personal philosophy.

(Ayuh, there couldn’t be a better cover-design for this work! Islamic architectural art is one of the greatest triumphs of human spiritual creativity).

Right now, my boyfriend & I are doing laundry at the Laundry Basket laundromat in Bangor.

We accumulated many dirty things, especially after our trip to Mount Desert Island.

I was lucky to have grown-up with a more comfortable life than many (though not well-off).

This is my first time ever using a laundromat, & it’s quite nice.

There is nice community here, & it seems to turn-out economically better than being financially shafted by our landlords (six quarters to wash, five to dry). Our apartment operation wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to redo dryer loads frequently. We’ll still use it unless we have big loads; the closeness is convenient.

~But I digress.~

Here is people! And that is good.

~‘Lezith’ is a particularly hard word to speak.~

PEOPLE! We’re pretty cool, no?

As I’m learning now as I watch a video on the YouTube channel called Miniminuteman, one of the most exciting things going-on right-now is the excavation of the marvelous structures of the old civilization of the Taş Tepeler of the Anatolian region of Türkiye.

The channel is of one ‘Milo Rossi’, who I think will become a household-name within the coming years.

He is an archaeologist & educator of splendid passion & inspiration.

Milo makes a good point that we must not discredit the vast skills & humanity of ancient cultures, especially those outside the broad sphere of the European ‘West’.

Thanks, Milo.

And how right he is.

We, humanity, are one species. We are finally reaching a time where we can shed the archaic systems of boundary & tribal bloodshed behind us.

If we have to cull racism & xenophobia via violence, then this must be done.

We are not at such a supernal state of cosmopolitanism yet. There is much to be done.

As opposed to the stranglehold of capitalism, globalism of culture is a blessing. There is a difference.

As much as technology can be accursed, it has monumental beneficiality when applied in well-manner.

Of course, we must be careful in our pursuits. I wholeheartedly condemn cultural appropriation.

It’s a fine-line, but it must be minded. It’s one thing to embrace different cultures within the human manifold, but they must be respected for integral connection to the livelihoods of real people.

Don’t fucking go around dressed as a Native American on Halloween, & by-golly, don’t make your kids. You should get beat-up, but your kids shouldn’t.

I hope the future consolidated human culture doesn’t settle on Nike & other brand scheiße like that. I don’t think we will, but we must actively work against the compulsion.

Fellow white folks: we should embrace styles based directly on those of our ancestors, like the Celts & Anglo-Saxons. (Despite what some well-meaning but off-the-mark folks may suggest, those groups did not directly have anything to do with colonization. Obviously, I recognize the eventual derivation; the point still stands).

Now, I’m not saying we should all wear scratchy wool trousers & torcs… well, I take-back that last one… TORCS ARE FUCKIN’ AWESOME!

I’m just sayin’, there’s a lot we can pull from.

At the same time, we should just-as-much actively design new & exciting clothes, for a new age & emergently homogeneous human culture.

*(I, with my boyfriend, woke-up getting wet in a tent this morning, under torrential rain, & thunder & lightning, @~ 4:30 AM today. I’ve been awake almost 18 hours now, with no rest!) Wow, I SUCK at math.*

I foolishly bought four Vuze vape-pods on Friday, of the highest percentage (5.5). What an idiot I am. Don’t get hooked on nicotine, kinder


So, yes! The metaphorical (non-hierarchical) emperor’s new clothes.

Denno… Bluetooth torcs or something… Maybe they could sense how close you are to treasure-hoards!

People are creative, & we must embrace change, while remembering who-&-what we come from.

Shirts that dissolve in water, for freely-available shorter-time use. Particularly useful in hot climates. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… funk to funky…

(Man, I am ON ellipses today!)

Aya shevae, I’m getting back to my freshman-year anthology days… Not a bad thing: speculative SciFi is cool!

I s’pose I should reckon some of you fine-folks have never known any information about my ideas & ‘love-of-wisdom’.

I’ve previously described wanting to create something like an atheistic spiritual ritual system; like a secular paganism.

I think such specific terms are reckless.

I think the major problem with religion (faithful detachment from science aside) is the establishment of dogma… of law.

It’d better be articulated that I aim to create a creative frame-of-imagination that others can interpret & adapt as-they-see-fit.

I do like the ritual aspect. It can synchronize our relationship with nature, culture, & imagination.

It’s ~12:00 AM on 08/14/2023. I’m not done yet, goddamnit! (My pinky-finger is in great pain…)

*@~ 2:00 PM* I’m on lunchbreak at work, now.

I didn’t get into bed ‘til roundabout 2:00 AM of the previous waking-period. I ended up writing more on notepad sheets, & drawing in my sketchbook.

I made a discovery at that time. The letter ‘İ’, as I write it in my Phonetic Modern English system, can be said to symbolically represent ‘Iandus’ ourselves.

“Dafuq is Iandus?”, you may be asking. Well… it’s everyone! Me, you, your family, your foes… that slow-rolling person at Walmart, the president, Tom Waits…

It’s the totality of conscious beings.

It may include other animals, but I’m not sure… I wonder if this specific term should be exclusive to humans. I think probably, at least for now.

Iandus is a collective identity for us to share. It is, after all, the truth.

“No man is an island,

Entire of itself…” - John Donne.

Despite what foolish reactionaries believe, society, socialization, community, & cooperation are integral features of the human condition.

Such things are the only reason we’ve made it this far. The only way we are going to continue to survive is by banishing the influence of such stupid & dangerous nay-sayers who are bringing themselves down, & all of the life we know to exist throughout the universe with them.

Armed revolution, of some shape-or-form, is inevitable in order to do-away with the shame of capitalism & authoritarianism.

The proletariat must be armed & ready.

So that’s that.

I only have a Winchester rifle right-now, which I’ve never shot. I’d like to get a handgun, soon.

Life is worth dying for. Such is our duty.

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