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a slight preview - 1-30-22

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Returning to the human stretch of perception, the wedding party turned round once more as the spouses began to scream. They watched in terror and horror unconquerable as the pair’s flesh began to bubble and fester, steaming from pores as blood began to boil outwards. Hair was singed away; nails melted like wax. Eyes oozed into gas and bones cracked into fine dust as the lovers were liquified into organica sauce spilling onto the stairs beneath, as echoes of wretched gurgles and squawks castrated outward across the fields.

Where the duo had stood only seconds prior, enveloped in joy and love, there now floated the two alien figures, coiled in shape as they had been before.

The audience watched in silent repression as the beings melted into white heat, spaghettying into an orb of void that expanded behind them, and shrank into nothing as they slurped out of view.

Those few dozen people stood in statued silence for hours as light burned in the sky above, and the singing of birds dripped into the air again as flies slurped down their relative soup.

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