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A Theory of Thermolosophy - 2-3-22

Thermolosophy is a term that (as far as I'm aware) I've just now created. It refers to an idea that particularly combines philosophy with scientific fact relating to heat and entropy.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics states, in simple terms, that the entropy (energetic disorder, chaos) of a given closed system can only increase, and never decrease. This is true across the entirety of All That IS.

As far as we know, and within the current understanding of our knowledge, the Universe is a closed system. This means that, across the entirety of its vast spans, entropy is on an upwards trajectory, and this applies to every function and force that acts upon all of that which is.

Recently, this has had me doing some thinking...

Evolution is the force that guides, unconsciously, the continuation and progression of life. Life itself is a series of chemical reactions that correspond in such a way as to organize matter into forms that act upon the world and each other in order to duplicate, in manners that may induce cognizance, or awareness of one's own existence. That is the fundamental function of life.

I see there to be much more worth and beauty to life than these simple terms, but such bluntness is the objective nature of being.

Based on that simple summary, could it not be said that life is just a more advanced expression of the second law, of the increase of entropy?

Homo sapiens, humans, those mostly-hairless apes among whose ranks every individual reading and comprehending this writing is most likely a member of- we are strange beasts. We are, far and beyond, the most unusual and intelligently advanced animals that have yet to evolve. The amount of influence and force we exert over existence is unprecedented, and incomparable. We have the power to create astonishing art of awesome wonder, and to destroy all life we know to exist in the Universe in nearly an instant.

Our processes impact all life even without such abject destruction. We have created new life. We have made much life go extinct. We have incredible capacities for compassion. Our by-products impact every reach of Earth, and even stretch far into outer-space. Our processes are changing the function of the entire planet's ecological and environmental systems- primarily for the worse-off.

I am a very optimistic person. I admit- I'm a hopeful idealist. But I've had a shower-thought train running as of late...

Humans are the most clear example of life's impacts, but every animal interacts with matter, and every such exchange of energy leads, to some degree, to the increase of entropy. Evolution is marched forward solely by straight facts. Whichever amalgamations of DNA are most adept at reproduction are favored, and contributed to changes in a given species. Everything acts in accordance with other things, objects, and beings. In the grand scheme of an applied hierarchy of influence, everything plays some role.

As I've said, humans are at the top. We rely on species below us to aid in this masterful increase. We utilize other animals and plants for energy just to keep us going, we use their materials to fuel our machines and build our goods, we use them for labor and companionship and each other species relies on others to consume or inhabit as well, all the way down to the smallest of microorganisms.

But it will not stop there. Evolution is a continuous process that carries on to this day, and will carry on for as long as there is life that strives to remain alive. But what if that which has evolved naturally is just a stepping point to something even greater?

The most unique and influential effect humanity has had in the Universe is the creation of technology. And as is well known these days, we are reaching (or perhaps, have reached already) a point where technology could exist that is equal to or greater in intelligence and scope than ourselves. Sentience notwithstanding, we possess in our arsenal of acceleration weapons of mass destruction that have capability to kill thousands in an instant and render an area uninhabitable for decades.

In our creative fiction, we have dreamed up even greater firepower that can destroy planets or beyond. Who knows what will exist in reality in just another decade or two? We went from the most advanced tools of violence being guns to nuclear weapons in less than a century. The progress of our capacity to cause destruction will only increase day by day as our collective technological understanding grows alongside it.

It is almost inevitable that we may wake up into a reality in which artificial intelligence with a greater capacity for influence will possess those weapons of cosmic chaos. When such abilities are out of our control, who knows what fate life may be in the hands of?

An increase of intelligence always corresponds to an increased capacity for spontaneity.

So, what is the point I'm trying to get at here? In short, it's that, given this trend towards unpredictability and desecration, could evolution just be a particularly effective method that has developed for entropy to increase?

Imagine a future millions of years ahead of us, in which that fate recently described has increased further to a point where, combined with the expansion of the Universe and other more directly natural processes, artificially implemented destruction has reduced the entirety of every single piece of matter that exists across All That IS into scattered dust flying throughout the void. A reality in which even the smallest rock in the vacuum will eventually, inevitably, be reduced smaller and smaller until nothing that can be described as, really, anything, exists at all.

What if this will be the natural conclusion of the second law of thermodynamics? What if, even with all of our love and care and compassion, it is beyond the control of any individual or group to hold back the tide of that which is naturally going to happen?

I believe we humans have a silly habit of considering ourselves and that which we create unto existence to be fundamentally something separate from nature. It's my opinion that is far from true. All That IS is nature. Everything that has, does, and will exist is a natural expression of the Universe. How could it not be? It is all made of the same matter, recycled around and wrought into new forms by animals. As we are a product of evolution and it is that natural force that has granted us the ability to perform such action in the first place, it is ALL nature.

If this is true, I believe the best choice we have is to sit back and enjoy the ride with as much joy and love as we can, while we still have the chance. Rather than to reduce into apathy, such a realization should serve as a radicalization into fighting all the more fiercely for that which is good, free, and funky.

This idea is something that has been on my mind very much as of late. This does not mean I necessarily believe it to be true as such, but I am growing increasingly unable to shake the feeling it may be so. Yet, as of now, it is still just an idea, built upon my sole opinion.

Please dear reader, dearder, if you may- read this, and give it thought. Don't let it squander there. Share it with others, share your opinions of it with others- I want to know what you think. If you would like to share your thoughts to me directly, please feel free to email me at or give me a ring at (207) 576-8837.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my writing.

You are an incredible reality, my friend.

If you are afraid, please- think about a pretty flower.

Best regards to All That IS,

Jacob Morin


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