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An Ascription of a New Name

Updated: Aug 19

Howdy, dearders.

I go by a new name now!

Somewhat. I've been incorporating it into work emails, my desk nametag, etc. Some of my coworkers already refer to me exclusively by that name, which is Yeof (rhymes with "oaf").

Yeof is a new name, created entirely by me. That's fitting enough, since I've retroactively applied that it means "Of creation". Technically, Yeof is a nickname of the longer Yeoffy.

I prefer to be referred to by Yeof, but Jacob is still just-as-fine.

This is not the only new component of my name. The full, personal name I've yeoffated (created) for myself is Jacob-Yeoffy "Yeof" Anthony Simscalt Morin.

Simscalt is pronounced "sem-shalt", which refers to a fictional deity in a story-concept of mine, who is called Semsholot. Sem is a god of freedom & anarchistic rebellion; therefore, the derived name refers to someone who espouses those qualities.

Of course, my name as gifted to me by my parents is Jacob Anthony Morin, which is still my legal name. Fine name, that; I have nothing against it, which is why I only added to it. I'm just of the philosophy that, as with any gift, you can do whatever you want to it once you have it. We have one life, & one chance at creative individuation: becoming oneself. A name is a huge part of identity, & thus, we should feel free & comfortable with identifying ourselves as we see fit. There should be no taboo.

So... what name will you yeoffate?

Best regards, friends, & 'til the next!..

- Yeof


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