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An Idea Scrawling - 8/19/22

°Initially scribbled on note-paper while at work today.°

Idea: To devise a system of prayer in a secular sense, devoid of þeological or oðerwise divine implication, but designed to instill wonder & appreciation of nature & ðe beauty of life itself. Ðe power of vocal affirmation of joy & awe is, I believe, someþing very useful, & understated in everyday functioning. Regardless of opinion of overall detriment caused by religion, ðe ritual & social features are undeniably very good, when applied correctly. Wiðout a way to recognize & regard ðe miracle of existence, it's easy for life to seem harsh & depressing. I þink ðere is much to be said about ðe philosophy of ðe oneness of all þings, which ties well into how I've interpreted it into Iandus þought.

Iandus philosophy recognizes ðe overall unity of All Ðat IS; ðat we are ðe sensory features of ðe Universe, & ðerefore, ðe Universe is itself alive as a singular entity. An important concept is ðat every self consists of a multitude of selves. Ðe one human entity, characterized by ðe þinking mind, is no more superior in selfhood ðan ðe myriad cells, bacteria, & microorganisms which exist on & wiðin ðe whole being. Ðe mind cannot exist wiðout ðe microbes. Iandus is a reconciliation of ðe individual wið community at it's greatest scale.

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