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An Update! 08/07/2023

Howdy, folks.

It's been some time.

I'm living in Bangor, now, working as a receptionist (Patient Service Representative) as I was in Lewiston, in a new place here.

Things are wonderful! I live up here with my boyfriend, & our hamster, Kippi: life is very good.

I've written a good deal (often at work), & have a lot of new ideas. I completed the first tome of my personal journal-series I've entitled "Gnosis Gnotes, Myriad Mindings, & The Genitals of Iandus", & have begun the second book. I'm going to try to transfer as much of that writing as I can onto this blog, so some of that should be coming soon.

I hope, reader, you have been & are doing well, & will continue to do so. You take care, now.

Best regards,

- Jacob "Yeof" Morin

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