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Daily Entry 7-28-21

Howdy readers, I hope your day is going well. If it's not, I hope things turn out as well as they may.

I suppose I'll start some sorta daily diary journal entry type deal. Seems somewhat more like what a typical blog is, although I intend for mine to be anything but typical.

It's roundabout quarter to three PM now; I work at four. I just finished rewatching the 1943 film adaptation of "For Whom the Bell Tolls." It's one of my favorite movies, of one of my favorite books. It is truly a beautiful film, displaying the wonder and glory of nature and passion in the face of evil, as well as the treachery of war and rightism more broadly, as well as treachery that can exist in anyone which must be conquered.

I'm sitting here on my hammock atop this freshly mowed lawn, where I lay and read the book that inspired that film this time last year. What a time of wonder that was, I would fondly gaze at the beautiful sky and trees very often. I must do that more often again.

Freshly mowed lawn, I'm on- I mowed it the other night. As much as I protest, preferring natural and biodiverse greenspace to the bland normality of flat grass, it's not my house and I shall always do as my mother asks. Today is, after all, her birthday. I love her very much, and appreciate all she does.

I've heard from my coworker and very good friend that work has been busy today. Burger King, that is. I'm a kitchen closer, primarily. I hope the situation's not so bad once I get in, but the fast food industry being the fast food industry, I won't set my hopes too high. No, it's never great, but the people keep me coming back. I love my coworkers to no end. They are like a second family, even through all that's changed.

It is a gorgeous day. Brilliant turquoise skies, flanked by the whitest clouds this side of the Rocky Mountains. The views never fail to take my breath away, and I'd rather nothing otherwise.

I'll enjoy this pleasure while I can, privileged enough as I am to experience it. Who knows how much longer it'll last?

I went around some black-eyed susans and other flowers when I mowed the other day. They're nice to look at, and the pollinators need them. I avoided some further regions of the yard, to keep wild and free. We have a very large backyard, at least for our neighborhood. It's a field of grass smack dab in the middle of many houses. I love this place, I'll miss it dearly when I move; hopefully soon.

Me and my friend Zack are looking for apartments. There's a chance we'll get an apartment with a friend of mine, Bree, as a roommate. Bree is going to a showing today of that place in a building I've been to many times. A friend of mine lives in a different flat in that building with Bree's best friend, and other friends live on another floor. I've been many times, and it's a very nice place. I hope all is well and we may be lucky. Regardless of what happens, Zack and I will find something.

I'm reading what I write here in the voice of Gary Cooper as Robert Jordan. I encourage you to watch the movie I mentioned earlier and try it for yourself, it's quite funny.

I suppose that's about as much as I can think to write for now. Perhaps in the future I'll wait until after work, once the day has passed. Or, maybe I'll just edit this afterwards. It hardly matters one way or another- as of now, this site has no viewers. Hello, the void!

To whom it may concern, I wish you well, and hope as much is good in your life as can be. Please live strong with hope and passion.

Best regards,


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