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Poem #26

26. (01/19/2020, Bethel Inn & 01/23/2020, Lewiston High School)

This is one of my favorite times of the year, among the beauty of nature here

In my mind, this mountain inn is peak luxury, relaxing in a fickle notion of wealth

But I wonder often whether that’s okay, whether this timeless tradition should stay

Why do I deserve this enjoyment, when others are dying from the chill I exploit?

I get to relax in the sauna and pool and bask in the warmth of fire

But for people on the street in my own city, their own situation is dire

I was enjoying a nice warm bowl of noodles in a restaurant window

I looked up to see paupers shuffling by, shivering in shabby rags

It’s too easy simply to look away, to ignore the sights and sorrow

But what does that mean for humanity, civility, compassion and liberty?

We have these notions and falsehoods, ideas based on lies

Who are we to pretend we see, when we see so much and keep our eyes sealed shut?

We fill up our lives with a fake plastic love

But I can’t help the feeling it’s never truly real

It wears me out, but who am I to complain?

I’m not the one who’s feeling true pain

Yet I can’t help but cry out, for aren’t we the bane?

An addition to the tradition of tacit torture

Shutting the door on those we judge

Keeping them trapped in our shit and sludge

One should try and refrain from excessive gain

One should open their heart to feel other’s pain

Keep yourself strong, independent, enjoy what you like

But always be mindful of those who can’t strike

Everyone matters as much as each other

But those with less need much more address

For we here live happy and fun and content

But only on ourselves is much energy spent

I’m hardly one to speak, at least at this time

At this moment I sit here warm and sublime

I’m no messiah, I hope no pariah, yet I feel within

It’s not enough, though, to think and still sin

I have ideas and concepts and plans

And I wish for others to join in this motion

So much could be done if we work hand-in-hand

We could stretch ‘cross the world, ocean to ocean

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