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Poem #30 ~ Desecration Internation

30. (1-30-20, at LHS) Desecration Internation (this piece is a combination of a drawing I made, and a poem that describes and complements it)

Waves are jamming jamming jamming out of reaching hands extended

Stretching to the heavens, they summon plagues forever forever forever

From those fingers shoots white fire fire fire into the clouds and birds and angels

The objects of the air twist and burn and fall down down down onto the earth

People scream scream scream and the birds squeal and screech and scratch

But the hands don’t change their motion as the plans hatch hatch hatch

Walls walls walls push our precious pulchritude off the planet’s plume

The white washing waves encompass everything everything everything

Coating all the land in vapid swaths of cold cold cold grey chunky fresh tech

Sealing souls of sapiens behind sad sad sad sullen steel, stealing joy

People keep it running running running for it seems so sweet and special

But it’s killing killing killing all the things we need the most

We are being a very very bad bad bad host.

Despite our own disaster, we must have hope hope hope

Though the situation is dire dire dire, that’s why we must inspire

If People People People see the truth through the disguise

We can join hands hands hands across the globe, realize

It will take drastic drastic drastic action and tough determination

This shift must not be done by just one nation nation nation

For these problems impact every single species species species

We must discard discard discard the problems that keep us apart

Regardless of skin, creed, nation, or thought thought thought

All of us together share humanity humanity humanity

There is change change change that each and every one of us can do

But the biggest challenge to tackle tackle tackle is built on lofty power

We must oppose the filthy rich who don’t give a damn damn damn

No matter what it takes takes takes to save our seas and skies and land

Join us all together together together, and friends, we’ll take our stand.

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