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Poem #41

41. (5-8-20, Lewiston) I was inspired to write some romantic poetry after watching the film Neruda about Pablo Neruda. I made myself think of an experience of mine, and this was the result~

She was a lovely waitress, her name begins with ‘P’

Named like a bird, as free as the sea be, she be

In that city by the water, from the booth, I gazed

With the air the scent of sizzling spice, I was so amazed

Never before have I felt passion so sudden or so strong

It was as though I was truly meant to be there all along

I haven’t seen her since, she thrives on boldly in my mem’ry

I cannot help but wonder, does she at all remem’ me?

Perhaps I’m recalled so curious as but a tasteless fool

After all, both times, I ordered just the dedos de pollo

Since then, near home, I’ve come to fancy baby chicken chimis

Maybe she would find that more respectable and pretty

On the note of such adjectives, that is so much like her eyes

No synthesis of literature from a brain could just describe

Spark-ling in dim light like a dragon’s scales in flight

Guarding treasure caught by heroes with the very strongest might

I think it is not wrong to feel emotions purely natural

It’s times like these one learns, in fact, that they are truly actual

I do not know if it is so she has in life a lover

It does not matter, anyway; if she does, I hope they love her

As was done our dining, she gave the slip of what the fee be

I wonder if from this emotion my heart will ever free me

As she toiled so hard those nights, did she ever truly see me?

No matter what the future be, this fire’s inside to be me.

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