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Poem #42 ~ Pharma Sutra

42. (5-9-20, Lewiston) Pharma Sutra

If I should let a cigarette overcome my spirit yet

I should wear down who I am and run to After as a scam

If I should allow some alcohol to overcome me after all

I should grind my bare grey bones, for my spirit would sing in the Empty Lones

The Empty Lones are the Pharma Sutra deep in the valley of the saddened sunk

Struck once with the passion of a nectar proboscis

Struck twice with the villain of light’s long madness

The Empty Lones need sacrifice bones

Traded for the sale of so many a soul

The bankers write prescriptions, the loan sharks tie tourniquets

All the action’s funded by the G-men’s heartless bets

~unfinished, and without contextual explanation of narrative~

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