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Poem #43 ~ (Com)+Passion

43. (5-9-20, Lewiston) (Com)+Passion (pronounced Compassion and Passion)

A grand new Passion is needed for this bold, cold modern age

Not of Jesus, monastery, or the handsome virgin Mary

Nor saffron fibers in the ashes, or sad flagellers with deep gashes

Not of Krishna, military, or some wistful magic fairy

Nor a big white man so hairy, or an afterlife so scary

Not of mustachios with an iron fist, or presidents who won’t be missed

Nor of demons dancing in the valley, or angels singing “Glory Halle-“

The only spirits we should ode our prayer are love, and life, and justice fair

The only Gods for who we sacrifice, should be those who work to grow our rice

We must fight hand in hand for The Passion 2.0

Of this beautiful world, shall we know?

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