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Poem #10 ~ Ultima

10. (9-19-19, Lewiston) Ultima from Magnanomicon

While you’re making consequence

We’re speaking in the present tense

All the different factors take effect

It’s as if an iron jungle has grown up overnight

An angry, dark, and hostile place in which we have to fight

I see the sparkle in your eyes

They draw me in, they hypnotize

But through the flutter of the wings

Are striking, evil, deadly things

It’s twisting, and it’s turning, and it’s making me feel sick

I feel as though my insides have been jammed upon a stick

You did this, you, I know it’s so

For I am your own life

You built me up and molded me

You gifted me ability

Sometimes things don’t go as planned

You have to bite the feeding hand

My teeth are sharp, my will is strong

Your victory will not last long

Fire’s burning in the fields

Destroying your corrupted yields

Your army, flying, is the one

Who brings the power of the sun

You’ve done it now

The buildings gone

The wind is breaking out in song

The torches of the blinding heat

Panic and death all o’er surround

Leaving a scorched and starving few

This torture is because of you

Like candles, melted

How could you do this?

Everyone is gone now

Where are our loved ones?

We can’t return back home

You laugh it off, like jokes

But this will reach you, too

Your water will be poison now

You’d better hope you have blankets

Didn’t you enjoy seeing the pretty blue sky,

And the shiny red fruit on the trees?

We did

And we want them back

It’ll have to be elsewhere

But it won’t be like this

Because You won’t be with Us.

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