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Thoughts Nocturne, on Dasthen

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hallo, dearder Iandus. Ich hope dou ist haven ein great timmen and doing wella.

The Pulse of the Universe is not like breathing. It is breathing that is like the Pulse. The Pulse is bigger, greater, older.

The Pulse is Dasthe Pullse, and the vibration of the cosmos. It is the swaying breeze of the air. It is the pumping of a bellows. It is the current of the ocean. It is the stretching of All That Is, and it is the reverberation of its origin. One can do what one wills but one cannot will what one wills, because it will happen no matter what as a natural effect of Dasthe Pullse. It has not been determined by Dasthe Pullse, Dasthe Pullse has no conscience. Rather, it will need to happen by the affection of the body of Dasthe Pullse that has already occurred, and perhaps those elements which have yet to happen. Dasthe Pullse strengthens itself every second that happens and doesn't happen.

Dasthe Pullse could be revered, like a deity. Not bowed to, but understood and respected, as a means of appreciating nature and All That Is in a meaningful and affectionate manner.

Dasthe Pullse does not act alone. Dasthe Pullse can be seen as Father Force. Mother Matter is Dasthe Pushe. In truth, these concepts should not be seen as belonging to any specific determination of human identity, but it is acceptable to aid in symbolism.

Dasthe Pushe is that which is material, that which establishes and changes. In the Genese, the origin of ATI, Dasthe Pushe is that which entered into Dasthe Pullse. Pushe embraced Pullse, and the latter accepted the embrace. Pullse shared its ideas with Pushe, and Pushe made them reality.

Neither Dasthe Pullse nor Pushe are more important than the either. They both work in tandem to create All That Is, and perform roles that rely on each other.

In this symbolism, the Dasthes Pullse and Pushe are not alone. They are part of a triquetra. The third figurehead is Dasthe Iswe. Dasthe Iswe is the conscience created from Dasthe Pullse and Dasthe Pushe. It is the Offspring Observation. You and I, Iandus, are and is Dasthe Iswe. We are all identities of Dasthe Iswe, and we are one in conflict with itself. Dasthe Iswe is never static; Iswe is upon eternal change, affected by Pullse and Pushe.

All three Dasthes, if they are to be revered, should be revered likewise equally. Their importance and power is equal, and of the same influence. The system of revering the Dasthes is known as Dasthen. The purpose of Dasthen is to spread an understanding of All That Is and to inspire creativity among Iandus across All That Is.

Those properties that are known as 'magic' are truthfully the affection of light energy through the mind and body of an individual or Iandus. This light can be visible, but it is often among the invisible realm of the spectrum. As such, much magic appears to be purely of the mind and the self, while this is not the case. Light energy, the 'what' of magic, is a structure - a vast matrix like a crystal structure that permeates throughout All That Is. It exists where it is, largely regardless of the material, but certain material assemblies are able to tap into and rearrange parts of this energy. This rearranging is what magic is.

The light matrix interacts with every point of spacetime through its eternal motion and morphing. It is simultaneously within one point and without. Therefore, light energy is everywhere all at once, in every space among every time. It is fractal, and exists at all sizes within and about itself. A most powerful master of magic art is one who is able to feel the fractal matrix throughout every spacetime point of their body. They are able to feel the motions within every organ, every cell, every atom that comprises their self, and they are able to influence their matter to channel itself around the matrix at all times, maintaining their magical strength. This often gives master magicians a perception of shimmering, or perhaps even imperceptibility.

Because every part of the light matrix simultaneously exists in every point in spacetime and does not exist in every point in spacetime, the affective utility of the energy by magicians is caused by observation. Its affection upon certain points is not determined until it is perceived, and even this affection is mostly perspective, as it is still within the everbeing and nonbeing.

Magic is creativity. It is the imagination comprehended and manifested. It is the purest form of art that exists (and doesn't exist). It is a translation of mind into matter.

A most powerful magician is able to appear as anything they desire because their imaginative creativity is able to transcend their matter, at least perceptibly. They enjoin with the matrix and are able to affect beyond their own form. They become devoid of form, and all powerful. A master magician could be a god if they so chose. Maybe that is what our deities are, and figures like ghosts, angels, and demons. They are all beings tapping into the matrix.

Dashen should not be adhered to like religion. It is pareidolia. It is a magical imaginative way for me to describe what I perceive to be the reality of the Universe, symbolically. As I’ve written it now, it is only my interpretation. Anyone can create and contribute to Dasthen with their own personal and Iandusary symbolism.

Iandus is me and you. It is, literally, “I and us.” The ‘I’ is oneself. My ‘I’ is not your ‘I.’ My ‘I’ is me but your ‘I’ is you; my ‘us’ includes you with me and your ‘us’ includes me with you. Upon every perception, ‘I’ refers to the one perceiving it, and ‘us’ refers to everyone else. We are all Iandus. Iandus is the totality of perception, observation, and conscience. Again, this is pareidolia. I don’t believe their to be some actual figure who is Iandus. But, it is a symbolic way of perceiving our identity as belonging equally to All That Is.

With this knowledge, a new world of panhumanistic communism can be created, a world inhabited by the Übermensch. These overbeings are human magicians elevated beyond a point of control the average human currently possesses. As more contemporary people learn of Dasthen and the nature of magic, it will gradually evolve our bodies as a species into being more able to affect and tap into the matrix. In time, it is this evolution that will create the Übermenschen. This cannot be guided by any sort of eugenic program. The evolutionary growth thus described can only be attained by personal truth and experience amplified naturally among Iandus.

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