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~My Diary, from Book to Web and Back Again~ entry from 4-11-21

Transcribe copied on 9-8/9-21

{Foreword unique to blog- Okayyyyy, so... you've probably pretty quickly noticed something very strange and different. Don't worry, it'll all be explained shortly. What I want to say now, though, is- the way those unusual letters are used in this first entry makes me absolutely cringe looking back. The mechanics of how I used them are not accurate to how I use them now, and shortly after, so don't base your understanding off of this one.

There are a couple instances in the entry where I do use 'th.' That's accurate to the book. It's hard to remember 100% of the time, especially back then. Is it possible there are times I made/will make mistakes unique to the transcription? Absolutely. But, you should usually assume it's candid.

I'm not going to bother using the special letters for this foreword. I'm lazy, damnit!

Okay, that's all. Carry on. None of this makes sense to you yet.

Happy reading!}

This is a phenomenal pen. A fountain, wið þis great journal.


Þank goodness I am a writer & a driver. I'd hate to know þe person I'd be if I were neiðer (it's hard to remember to use the eð and þorn). I should really do my late night drives with oðers. Sometimes my mind scares me when I'm alone. I þink I should see a þerapist. Look, no one likes to admit þoughts like þese, but someone has to do it.

+ I've had an idea for a play/film. A nasty man is speeding down a road late at night, & accidentally fatally hits someone. Þat person appears in þe remorseless driver's car as a ghost passenger. Þey pester þe driver & hold them accountable for þeir actions.

Þroughout the following drive, þe two somehow manage to establish a strange sort of bond. Each learns more about þe oðer, & gains sympaðy & understanding.

+ As þe story reaches its climax, the law catches up wið þe driver, alðough the ghost victim feels bad for his fate, as his own time on Earð draws to a close.

+ I'm not sure how þis tale should end. Perhaps þe deceased somehow manages to stave off þe law & protect þeir own killer. Perhaps boð accept þeir respective fates. I suppose time will tell.

+ ~Later on 4-11-21~

I've begun working on ðis on Google Docs. Keep an eye out, and bring tissues!

I haven't smoked in almost two weeks, probably over, actually. & I haven't had any of my bourbon in three days, so þat's pretty good. At least I'm not addictive wið those substances. Mostly just wið sugar. So shoot me!

+ I need to listen to more Nirvana & My Bloody Valentine.

+ My handwriting is absolute scheiße.

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