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~My Diary, from Book to Web and Back Again~ entry from 4-13-21

Transcribed on 9-9-21

4-13-21 @ 3 AM-

I never leave for work earlier ðan ten minutes before I clock in. Today, on ðe way to my 7-O'clock shift, I came across what was seemingly an at least 3-car-involved crash. I was stuck in a decent line of traffic. I considered pulling into ðe parking lot of ðe Garden of Weeden to offer ðe aid of my two first-aid kits in my car. I chose not to, & managed to still get to work on time. I regret ðis decision.

Literally ðe day before, I had been reading ðe part of my Red Cross manual on taking ðe initiative as a layperson bystander. It was obvious ðat the crash was quite recent. Ðe spot, directly behind ðe top of Stetson Road on Route 202, is less ðan a minute's drive from Fire Engine #5, which was still parked out front as I drove by.

Ðere were many people parked & standing around ðe site. No one appeared to be injured, or aiding anyone injured, & everyone appeared to be quite calm, save for one lady, who seemed to be ðe driver of one of ðe cars. She was sobbing, but oðers were sooðing her, so I suspect she was crying of shock &/or fear more ðan anyþing else.

Ðese observations aside, I should have made sure. As ðe manual describes, ðere's never truly any way of knowing anyþing for sure as a bystander. Even if no one was directly in þreatening danger, I should have at least tried to aid any potential superficial wounds to ðe best of my ability. I'm not yet any sort of first-aid expert, but I mean, bandages are bandages. I could even have simply lent ðe kits, & have given ðem my info so I could retrieve ðem later.

I suppose it's a lesson learned. I performed ðe exact behavior I'm opposed to, & I don't intend to again, should I find myself in any similar situations. Certainly, it wouldn't have mattered if I was late for work or any shit like ðat. Not when healþ is on ðe line.


I had ðe most vile experience at work today. While sweeping the kitchen (I work closing at Burger King), I noticed ðe kitchen drain on ðe floor was entirely clogged by grease, seeds, and other detritus. I pulled it out & hosed it off in ðe hose well. As I was placing it back down, I noticed ðe ring around ðe pipe wiðin the hole under the cover was entirely forested by þick green mold. It was a gag-worþy sight to behold. I told my manager, & sprayed ðe hell out of it wið degreaser. I ðen scrubbed out as much as I could wið a black scrub pad, and ðen hosed ðe everloving shit out of it. I will certainly be maintaining ðat drain & oðers much more attentively.

As you may have noticed, I've made some new decisions regarding my usage of ðe old letters. Initially, I was basing it off of what I understand of ðe Icelandic rules & mechanics. Ðis includes ðe fact ðat ðe eth (Ð/ð) would never be at ðe beginning of any word. Clearly, I've changed my mind. Ðis isn't Icelandic, ðis is a new & modern English, inspired by ðe past. As such, I have no qualms wið using ðe eth at ðe beginning of words. Eth (Ð/ð) is used for a heavier 'th' sound, such as in 'father,' & thorn for ðe lighter sound, such as in 'Thursday.' Thorn is (Þ/þ). I'm not good at writing a clear distinction (I'm not good at writing a clear anyþing, as I'm sure you've become painfully aware of).

I truly believe ðis form of English could & should take off and become mainstream. Of course, it probably won't, & even if it did, ðere would be much resistance, & ðat's okay. :)



Sleep well, lovely reader.

4-13-21 @ 2 PM-

Me puedes llamar Al.

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