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Stars Are Eggs

Translations of Mind to Matter

This world may seem hopeless, but each of Us are the hope We need. With this blog. I hope to do what I can to inspire and educate in the unique way I can, to help you, reader Iandus, to realize Your own potential for action.

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Poem by Viro tag Rægnr

Here is a poem by one of my favorite heroes I’ve created: Viro. Viro was taken, as an infant, by the wicked warlock Faltanay. He was...

Prayer for Absolution

I've gazed upon my soul, through some cavernous hole, shrouded in a deep hue of blue that veils & conceals the radiant Empyrean of light...

An Ascription of a New Name

Howdy, dearders. I go by a new name now! Somewhat. I've been incorporating it into work emails, my desk nametag, etc. Some of my...

Poem #46 ~ Viro's Poem

46. (08/16/2023, Bangor) Viro’s Poem Thundercloud, high above me. You fly & rumble so fun & freely, You make music with your mind, And...

Poem #44 ~ Warm Weather, Happy Wonder

44. (05/22/2020, at home) Warm Weather, Happy Wonder Summer heat has blazened, graced us Upwards balmy 89, of Fahrenheit Even just the...

Poem #26

26. (01/19/2020, Bethel Inn & 01/23/2020, Lewiston High School) This is one of my favorite times of the year, among the beauty of nature...

Poem #21

21. (11/13/2019, Lewiston) The corruption of carbon As environment’s foe Is intrinsic corruption of us Because we are of carbon (Revised,...

Poem #16

16. (09/25/2019, unknown) I can try and see But the air is foggy now And I am coughing

Poem #13

13. (09/25/2019, Lewiston) Math is not too fun I get some folks enjoy it It is not for me

Poem #11

11. (09/25/2019, Lewiston) Water flows freely Lava and air do, as well Particles the same

Poem #4

4. (8-24-19, Bar Harbor) It’s chilly We’re sitting, semicircle Smoldered ashes lay before us It’s cold Golly, damn cold We’re happy

Poem #2

2. (08/23/2019, Bar Harbor) Single file in the gusts Clutching parkas in profile Stark against the sky vast, overcast Streak of sunlight...

A Crisis in Poetics

Aya shevae! Somehow, a bunch of my poetry didn't post way-back-when. I'm not sure if I overloaded the system, or if I genuinely...

An Update! 08/07/2023

Howdy, folks. It's been some time. I'm living in Bangor, now, working as a receptionist (Patient Service Representative) as I was in...

An Idea Scrawling - 8/19/22

°Initially scribbled on note-paper while at work today.° Idea: To devise a system of prayer in a secular sense, devoid of þeological or...

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