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Stars Are Eggs

Translations of Mind to Matter

This world may seem hopeless, but each of Us are the hope We need. With this blog. I hope to do what I can to inspire and educate in the unique way I can, to help you, reader Iandus, to realize Your own potential for action.

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Poem #3

3. (Date unrecorded (years older), Lewiston/Auburn, probably near the Veteran's Bridge) That white farmhouse by the river looks so cozy...

Poem #1

1. (8-24-19, on Cadillac Mountain) One day We'll be away Earth alien and gray A planet unto itself Anew A thunderous cave on a coast of...

Thoughts Nocturne, on Dasthen

Hallo, dearder Iandus. Ich hope dou ist haven ein great timmen and doing wella. The Pulse of the Universe is not like breathing. It is...

Daily Entry 7-28-21

Howdy readers, I hope your day is going well. If it's not, I hope things turn out as well as they may. I suppose I'll start some sorta...

Some Kinda Introduction

Howdy, readers. Welcome to my blog, thanks for being here and checking it out. I want to be a writer, an author. I have many concepts and...

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